It was the Solstice Before Christmas…

It’s the shortest day of the year, the day where night’s mantle spreads widest across our hemisphere. The flip side of this passage through Hades, this chthonic corridor as it were, be it literal or figurative, is that as of tomorrow, the days are getting longer. Not that you would know it by looking at the Canadian winter, but still. The minute the nadir is passed, the ascension begins. We will start looking to summer, after a fashion, and the full moon that will greet us on January First is certainly another auspicious sign; luminous silver to light our way in the coming year.

So no matter how crap or challenging 2017 might have been for you, and for some of you it has been shockingly so, keep in mind that you are now on an upwards trajectory, and keep your eyes fixed on that full moon. It will soon turn into bright summer.

And if 2017 has been good to you, so much the better, may 2018 take you to new heights.

Merry Christmas everybody, hope to see you soon under the waves.

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