A favourite bar in Paris and some advice about French people

We meet again old friend.
We meet again old friend.

You don’t go there to dance on tables that’s for sure. This place is heavy with History and cocktail history. People on whose shoulders we stand to see further have gotten drunk there. Classic cocktails were created within those walls.

Let me back-up just a bit. Read more

Nurse sharks, turtles and kuknat in Belize

Water taxi from Belize city. Long ride.
Water taxi from Belize city. Long ride, bring drinks, cold drinks. Beer will do nicely.

The very name is exotic, Belize. The kind of place where you walk onto the baking hot runway after landing and you’re glad you wore a knitted silk tie for the journey.  We all have our vices yeah?  Let your freak flag fly.

It used to be called British Honduras and became independent in 1981, keeping English as its official language. Sandwiched between Guatemala and Mexico, it has a population of about 350 000 and quite a bit to offer, jungles, Mayan ruins, beaches, diving, as well as an interesting drinkskultur. Read more

On the south side of Roatan

It's like flying in a dream but being awake and without drugs.
It’s the closest you’ll come to actual flying without drugs.

This trip had been in the works for about nine months. People opted out, other people opted in, the vendor changed a bunch of things, it was starting to feel a bit like a potential clusterfuck. The resort turned out ok, as usual the D&C crew proved fantastic, and we met some cool divers (hello Derek, Bob and Tiff). Read more

Our Drinkskultur Part Two: Travelling Spirits


Maybe you’ve rented a house, you’re looking to shore up your drinking options and make the most of your dollars (or euros, or pesos, or lempiras) in the booze department. Perhaps you’re just curious about the most mixable of vacation potables. In either case the D&C Club has got your back. Read more

The guide to drinking part 1: Our Drinkskultur

For we are not rude beasts.
For we are not rude beasts.

Drinkskultur: /drinkskultur/


  1. The customs of a specific time and place surrounding the consumption of alcohol.
  2. The best etiquette and practices surrounding the consumption of alcohol.


Ti-punch is the backbone of the drinkskultur of the French Antilles, but it can also be found as far afield as Reunion island in the Indian ocean.

Johnny crushing that beer can on his forehead during his wedding was a glaring demonstration of his lack of drinkskultur. Read more

Scuba diving, quality cocktails, taking it easy and other treasure maps.