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Bonaire: Diver’s Paradise

The motto emblazoned on their license plates isn’t overselling it, Bonaire really is a diver’s paradise, specifically, a shore diver’s paradise. First however, a little context. 

Bonaire is the easternmost of the ABC islands and is essentially part of the Netherlands, expect wheels of gouda cheese (not kidding) to be found in the most surprising places. The upshot/downside (depending on your point of view), is the strong European influence and the presence of a very clean, large and rather well stocked super market, the Van Der Tweel, where on some days, you can find (in the parking lot, sold from the back of a modified Land Rover) a perhaps famous smoked chicken. I don’t know about famous, that’s a claim on the flyer, but I can tell you about delicious, have some if you have the chance. Read more

Really Old School Grillin’

And I was about to build a fancy wood grill... Still might though.
And I was about to build a fancy wood grill… Still might though.

Grilling is an integral part of the Diving & Chillin’ ethos. Wherever we travel, there needs to be a grill or at least people willing to sell us things from a grill.  Roadside chicken in The Bahamas, dry rubbed smoked BBQ ribs in St-Martin, doritos crusted lionfish in Honduras, three ways shrimps in Mexico, yes, yes, yes and yes. Does not matter if it is true low and slow barbecue or fast and furious grilling. We don’t discriminate, good meat and heat just can’t be beat. Plus it pretty much equals civilization. Just like beer, shout out to Ninkasi. Read more

Saint Martin: Underrated Diving Destination


Saint-Martin, Sint-Maarten or SXM was a last minute destination. One of those cases where your body can no longer take the stress you’ve been putting it through and cracks start to show in the armour, or in this case the immune system. I’m not talking about myself obviously but of my  dive buddy. So asked if I would organize a quick dash to the islands I obliged. Read more