Divers, Chillers, And This Site


WE ARE NOT EXPERT DIVERS, or really expert anything, but we will gladly share our thoughts, stories and opinions on subjects related to the diving and chillin’ we do on our travels. This is not dogma from a pulpit, it’s not even serious, it’s a conversation at a bar. We are wrong. A lot. We know. Let’s have another round.

This site is very old school, simple design, nothing cutting edge, SEO is not a concern. That’s on purpose. There’s also no bs, not much pc and no agenda. If that works for you, great, if not, meh.

The Diving & Chillin’ tribe is a bunch of friends brought together by cocktails and waves. We all have our super powers, one of them is to shake the best margarita in the Caribbean, another is the cribbage trash talk ray of death. Challenge accepted.

Dive safely, drink well and wisely, read widely, treasure your friends and family, enjoy every minute.


Scuba diving, quality cocktails, taking it easy and other treasure maps.