The Solstice, Christmas and 2019

Today is the solstice, my pagan roots are happy. The shortest day, the longest night. As I get ready for Christmas (my Christian roots are happy) and the new year celebrations, my thoughts turn, unavoidably, both backwards and forwards.

2018 was a very interesting year. I’ll spare you the details, but it was about things coming full circle, about new things desired and old things no longer needed. It was about shaking things loose to see what sticks and what falls away. There was also the very clear feeling that sand is shifting ever quicker through the hourglass, that the bottom part perhaps now holds more than the top. That generated some resignation but mostly, mostly, defiance.  Insert Billy Idol sneer and fist pump.

This year saw, among a hoard of other treasures, a World War 2 wreck, the Sphinx and wearing a fez. It also saw some interesting landscaping choices (a pétanque court in the backyard) and many, many good times with friends and family. So all is not lost, far from it. It’s just a touch harder to see small print.

Courtesy of Fred D.! Inside one of the holds of the Thistlegorm.

Around us, our clan had highs and lows as well, and went through much of the same: changes. The very stuff life is made of yes? I just hope we were there for those that needed it.

So what is ahead for 2019? Well, I for one know that I’m taking a leap of faith on a few things. I also know that it’s too late to keep on fucking around and playing it safe. Perhaps you will do the same?

I hope I get to see more of you in 2019,  and I wish we all spread our wings a little more. Also, we’re there for you.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you.


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