Diving and Chillin’ in the Maldives: The Video Clip

So I told you how my GoPro is adrift somewhere in the Indian Ocean, and it is a real freakin’ bummer that I added plastic to the growing heap of junk floating around.

Also there’s some cool images I’ll never get to share.


A talented person (and diver), that was on board with us on the Emperor Voyager, graciously allowed me to share a video she made of our dives. So enjoy, and many many thanks Ms Sarah Wilke.

3 thoughts on “Diving and Chillin’ in the Maldives: The Video Clip”

  1. The kindness of strangers is great…

    The kindness of dive buddies seems legendary…

    But you gonna have to get to a camera shop and replace that GoPro… (then again, wouldn’t it be great if in 10 years someone finds it and tracks you down?!?)

    Those seascape shots are National Geography level quality!!!

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