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Return to the Island of Swallows

I sing of your beauty Mysterious Lady of the Sea,

I sing of your beauty Ix’Chel,

I sing of your beauty Cozumel,



We try not to go dive to spots we have visited before, there’s just too much to discover, but some of us really needed a break and the deal was very good (I’m not saying we’re cheap, but you know, thrift and all that). So bags were packed, coworkers were informed, and a taxi, with the worst suspension this side of the gold rush, took us to the airport in the dead of night. It was raining hard as we walked into the terminal, hard enough to wash away all the broken dreams that hang around airports and leave a glistening sheen of silent promises. Orange cones were all over the place, like so many hustlers trying to make the most of what you’ve got. The terminal has been under construction for the last 17 years or so. Someone’s lining their pockets, probably someone called Little Joe but weighs 300 pounds. Welcome to Montreal.  Read more

Loving Copa Airlines & Air Panama, plus a small rant


I mean it.

Let me be brutally blunt, we put up with so much shit as normal joe air travellers, and are often treated (one way or another) so very poorly, that flying with Copa Airlines and Air Panama was a series of little wow moments. Check-in counters? Properly staffed, the net result is that you don’t wait THREE FRICKIN’ HOURS in line among a horde of pissed off people standing around like cattle and nearly miss your flight for Europe. I’m looking at you Air Transat. Yes you, don’t turn away, you want to save on costs, I get it, but sometimes you go too far. Check-in at Montreal with Copa? Maybe ten minutes tops, even faster in Panama City. Read more

Por Cuba Libre Part 2: Some Rums And Drinks.


I’ve never had any curiosity about Bacardi products. I don’t know if that comes from being turned off by the fluorescent breezer drinks at the grocery store, or the notion that anything produced in such leviathan-like proportions must of necessity be meh at best, and possibly even quite blah. However, after reading a history of the Bacardi family I grew a little intrigued, and I decided to educate myself by making cocktails keeping with Cuban drinkskultur. Please say hello to daiquiri, mojito and of course Cuba libre.  For this experiment I chose Bacardi rums from opposite ends of the spectrum. Read more

Por Cuba Libre!

At Diving & Chillin' the chillin' really does rhyme with readin'.
At Diving & Chillin’ the chillin’ really does rhyme with readin’.

You might be surprised but at Diving & Chillin’ we read. Quite a lot in fact. Our members have extremely varied tastes and when we travel we usually have a mini library between us. From urban fantasy to french literature to history, something for everybody. So from the start I had planned to incorporate book reviews to this site. Read more