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Whisky Sour


The whisky sour is frequently poo-pooed by mixologists, but never by bartenders. I think it is high time to bring it back. Suited for mornings as well as afternoons, it’s an exquisite choice if you care to indulge in some early daylight drinking. When you manage to get the proportions just right, the trick to all drinks, it truly becomes more than the sum of its parts, a happy liquid escapade for your mouth. Think  good Canadian whisky or rye, lime juice, sugar and in complete defiance of death, an egg white. That’s right, raw egg white. I find it amusing that some people treat using egg whites in a cocktail as the equivalent of playing Russian roulette. I have no such fear. Bring. It. On. As per usual I’m not claiming this recipe is either a canonical or original version, but just try it, I’ll wager you’ll like it. A lot. Read more

One More Time Around The Sun

3@15 Chillin'
Chillin’  during 3@15.

I have not posted as much as I like lately and not much about diving. My brain is a little scattered by a new contract, where I’m encountering a steeper learning curve than expected, or perhaps I’m a touch slower than advertised, jury is still out on that, but meh. Also we have not been diving in a while (I’m not ready for ice diving, doubt I will ever be) and most of you already know all of my scuba stories. Read more