Why dive: part 2


This is much less a proper post and more a cheap excuse to show you a bunch of pictures. Also I did one of those  a little while ago and some of you enjoyed it. So here are more reasons why dive, granted most of them only tangentially make any sense, but it’s one of those days.

1.You get to recycle, go green.


You turn old cylinders into large outdoor ashtrays, recycling is awesome. Ever notice  that quite a few divers smoke? Maybe it’s just the people around me, but it seems there’s more smokers in scuba than in other segments of the population.

2. You can let your inner artist express your existential angst.


Alone…so alone… beneath a sea of ever changing clouds, what does it all mean?

3. You pick-up some really sharp decorating tips.


It’s very romantiki.

4. You get to see some big ass lobsters…

IMG_0500smaller …by the side of the road. A road you drive down on in your rented eco-friendly vehicle of course. Hey, you only live once, plus convertibles are awesome.


5. You get good at evaluating real estate.

Look, location is great, the deck is fantastic, but I can’t lie, it’s a little humid.

6. You get free shots in bars because you’re scuba divers (and you learn not to fear them).


This doesn’t look like any tequila I’ve ever seen…

7. You get good at dealing with traffic.


It’s all about timing and staying zen.

8. You discover new fishes all the time.

I think Marvel is going to sue Mother Nature.
I think Marvel is going to sue Mother Nature.

9. You try to convince your mom to give scuba a go by showing her pictures.


And she does. Hat’s off mom. Then you go down and internet rabbit hole figuring out whether it’s “hats off” or “hat’s off”. Since I was talking about my own hypothetical hat I went with the singular, but it looks like the plural might be the more popular form.


10. You get your nieces interested in underwater fauna and conservation with cool shark stories and pictures.


Also, you have cool shark stories and pictures.

11. Did I mention dealing with traffic?


12. Under water Indiana Jones? Thank you.


13. You can spend time putting pictures in a blog instead of working when people are tearing down walls one level below you.

I really can't wait for these renovations to do like this highway.
I really can’t wait for these renovations to do like this highway.

14. You have an excuse to make unfortunate dad jokes about getting wrecked. 


15. You get philosophical underwater and wonder about what’s important. Besides air I mean.


16. You go to Curaçao, bring back blue curaçao, and make jell-o shots.


You know, I just realized my friends never ask me to babysit. Weird huh?

17. You get to ride in boats. A lot. 





I see those pics and I’m thinking yes please. I can taste the sea spray, feel the salt making my skin just a bit tighter as the splashes dry away, and smell the diesel and the rubber suits. It’s fantastic.

18. Towel art.


Enough said.

19. You eat at THE Conch Shack.

tci2012 249smaller

Sure, it was low season, but it still rocked.

Then you drink local beers on an empty beach with the people you care most about. Meaning of life? Yes.

tci2012 243crop3

20. You look at globes very differently.


It’s always about diving, and rum, and pirates. C’est comme ça. Did  you know Captain Morgan sacked Panama city? Oh yes he did .

21. Beauty, adventure and wonder, and that’s just breakfast, it gets even better after that.


22. And of course buddies. It’s ultimately about buddies.

And the skies are always sunny, even when they aren’t.

You know the saying? Friends are the family you actually chose? Well I guess I’m luckier than most.

23. And beauty, death defying beauty.


Come on! That’s crazy. Look at it. look at it.

24. But rum is nice too. It pushes back the darkness, at least for a little while.


And if you feel romantiki it can help you out.



So what do you say, want to share tanks with us?


It’s who we are.



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