Diving and Chillin’ in Percé, Québec, the lost video!

Turns out I was wrong, we do have videos from the Percé trip. They are a little rough, but they give you a feel for the waters around “le rocher Percé” and Bonaventure island.

Famed for its pierced rock, an ancient outcrop probably once linked to Bonaventure island, Percé is as far east as you can go on the south bank of the St-Lawrence river.  It is not quite the Atlantic, it’s the gulf of St-Lawrence, but that did not stop u-boats from hunting in those waters during WW2.

There’s a ton of life at the bottom, urchins, starfish, plenty of seals. Various jelly fish hang around, even sea angels can be found. Different kinds of crabs and some lobsters so big you call them mister, or ma’am. Viz is variable (useful ain’t it) and the waters are quite green, or at least they were.

Fun fact, the rock is crumbling, it loses thousands of tons of material to erosion each year, it is unwise to take leisurely strolls along its base. It is accessible at low tide, so  tourists with little foresight regularly get stuck there, and the waters are cooooooold.

Old engravings show the rock with more pillars, apparently in 1760 it looked a little different.

Ok, so this is not a post about the local brewery (Pit caribou) or the black anchor from an apparently unknown or at least unnamed wreck, right next to Bonaventure island. Let’s get to the show and tell.

I had planned on uploading several videos, but I’m running out of patience with the internetz, captchas and whatnots. One will do! Here is a seal tasting a fin.







4 thoughts on “Diving and Chillin’ in Percé, Québec, the lost video!”

  1. Wow, impressionnant cher aventurier! C’est une belle expérience à ce que je vois. Salutations et meilleurs voeux de saison à vous deux mes amis


    1. Comme c’est agréable d’avoir de vos nouvelles. Un très joyeux temps des fêtes à vous aussi, grosses bises.

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