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Diving and Chillin’ in Percé, Québec, the lost video!

Turns out I was wrong, we do have videos from the Percé trip. They are a little rough, but they give you a feel for the waters around “le rocher Percé” and Bonaventure island.

Famed for its pierced rock, an ancient outcrop probably once linked to Bonaventure island, Percé is as far east as you can go on the south bank of the St-Lawrence river.  It is not quite the Atlantic, it’s the gulf of St-Lawrence, but that did not stop u-boats from hunting in those waters during WW2. Read more

Welcome to l’Isle Verte


It was not our typical island trip. I hesitated to bring diving gear and at the end of the day decided against it. Mostly out of temperature and currents concerns, that was probably wise.

L’Isle Verte is a small island situated across the Saguenay Fjord close to the St-Lawrence river’s south bank. It’s the kind of place where if you don’t like the weather you just have to wait fifteen minutes and it is only accessible by a tide timed ferry. Big ferry if there’s a car to shift, small boat if it’s only people. The ride can be smooth as glass or really really bumpy. As in, please go inside the cabin sir, it’s about to shake a little. Sailors have cool euphemism. Read more

A Different Kind of Chillin’ Part One: The Sugar Shack

Less Pirates of the Caribbeans more Shire/English countryside.
Less Pirates of the Caribbeans more Hounds of the Baskervilles.

In a previous post I banged on a little in my ham-fisted way about the importance of traditions.  If you have ever been to the northern New England or southern Quebec woods in the spring, the odds are good you saw some buckets hanging on trees and smelled the sweet sweet aroma of boiling sap in the air. It’s maple sugar time baby. Read more