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Scuba diving for scallops in New Brunswick

At the tail end of summer 2019, after the Indian Ocean peregrinations, (here’s a sample, with manta rays towards the end), we went scuba diving for scallops in New Brunswick, and yes, it was as AWESOME as it sounds.

We had a great time, and had planned to go back in 2020, but you can guess what happened. Hopefully this year will be different. The bayside cottage (with grill, we are not savages) is already reserved, has been since 2019, and I must say the owners of the Motel & Chalets Acadien were very cool about this whole global debacle thing and moneys and what not). We have our very own not rented dry suits this year and a bit more cold water experience. We are keeping our fingers crossed that provincial boundaries may be as well. Read more

Cold Ass Honky

You, yes you , should have a dry suit too.
You, yes you , should have a dry suit too. This really puts the Chillin’ in Diving and Chillin’.

I was originally going to name this post “Diving With the Mohawks”, then “Every Dive Makes You Better”, but I settled on “Cold Ass Honky”, because I really, really was. Not in a Macklemore way either, more in the thermocline and water at 5 degrees centigrade (41F) kind of way. Without exaggerating one tiny bit, it felt like little needles of burning pain all over my body. You know you’re in trouble when you’re the only guy at the bottom without a dry suit. Still well worth it though, that’s diving for you. Read more