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Catching up with Depeche Mode, I mean Diving and Chillin’

Buckle up compadres, it’s been a while so this might be a long and bumpy one.

I came extremely close this autumn to putting the key in the door of this blog/mini vanity project and throwing the (biodegradable) key into an unnamed abyss. After all, there are costs and no matter how much I enjoy writing (you should give it a go, it’s really fun) in the context of my days it started to feel a little bit frivolous. maybe even wasteful. Plus I see most of you on a regular basis, so it’s not like you need my long winded prose to stay in touch. Read more

On the south side of Roatan

It's like flying in a dream but being awake and without drugs.
It’s the closest you’ll come to actual flying without drugs.

This trip had been in the works for about nine months. People opted out, other people opted in, the vendor changed a bunch of things, it was starting to feel a bit like a potential clusterfuck. The resort turned out ok, as usual the D&C crew proved fantastic, and we met some cool divers (hello Derek, Bob and Tiff). Read more